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Over 70% of youths and women don’t have access to quality education and skill empowerment in Africa.

More than 40% of children in seven sub – Sahara Africa countries, including Nigeria, Zambia and Ethiopia don’t have basic learning skills expected holistically to improve reading and communication skills. Owing to lack of technical supports and quality teaching resources to enhance  and develop educational system.

Even though government still provide or sponsor some schools, individual communities needs to collaborate for a long term sustainable developments of skill education alongside the  usual  academic learning experience.

A child should be empowered with at least one (1) specific skill for future empowerment, this provide  opportunities for growth mindset and self actualization of dreams.

There are different centers to provides technical supports to schools, who don’t have the means to provide these skills. This aspect shouldn’t be ignored, rather schools should reach out for external supports.

Africa students find it hard to obtain the level of education they want or skill developments. Most youths don’t have the professionalism needed in work place, future innovations, technology and infrastructures.

It’s not enough to be thinking of ways to close the skill gaps, rather we must rethink 21st century skills needed to provide sustainable jobs, partnerships and careers.

Africa countries should promote skills in order to foster greater public-private partnerships to improve community sustainability growth. Human capacity should be leverage in order to enhance workforce that are prepared for demands of competitive economics.

Entrepreneurial supports skills should be initiated and backed by both private and government, in order to nurture safe environment and eradicate poverty and loss of jobs.

We all know that, education is a powerful vehicle for a sustainable nation, but skill is an engine used to drive a long term sustainable vehicle.



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