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Build Your Business With Customer Reviews

1 Lesson
3 minutes
All Levels

This course explores how effective customers reviews/feedbacks are important in …

What you'll learn
Business Management
Customers Satisfaction
What Customers are looking for

Introduction To Editorial Skills And Management

1 Lesson
2 minutes

  This course provides step by step guide on editorial …

What you'll learn
Students will understand the basic guide on editorial skills, journalism, communications skill and public speaking.

How to improve self-skill development

2 Lessons
2 hours
All Levels

Self discipline will surely put you in the right path, …

What you'll learn
Personal development and achievement
Free mentorship on career growth
Free certificate of completion
Free job post on our platforms

Public Speaking Course – Learn How To Speak in Public with Confidence Like a Pro

5 Lessons

Introduction to Public Speaking course is one of the best …

What you'll learn
At the end of this course, you would have learned how to speak in public like a professional speaker with years of experience

Effortless Writing: Professional Content Writing Course

3 Lessons

Mastering the act of writing in a persuasive and effortless …

What you'll learn
You will be able to write awesome pieces of content that get results
You will discover shortcuts to help you write great content in less time
You will learn how to go from an average writer to awesome

Professional Customer Service Training for Beginners

4 Lessons
All Levels

This Exceptional Customer Service course is specially tailored by experts …

What you'll learn
Learn practical tips and tricks necessary to handle customers professionally