Effortless Writing: Professional Content Writing Course

Hafiz Akinde
Last Update March 17, 2024
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About This Course

Mastering the act of writing in a persuasive and effortless way is essential for copy writing, content creators and authors.

Content writing plays a huge role in different sectors and project. The power of writing can promote self empowerment and business growth.

Learn Content Creation online at your own pace. Start today and improve your skills with our exceptional guidelines.


Learning Objectives

You will be able to write awesome pieces of content that get results
You will discover shortcuts to help you write great content in less time
You will learn how to go from an average writer to awesome


  • Students are required to go through the videos, notes, attempt the final assessment in order to proof their 80% proficiency for certification.
  • Students are also required to submit a 5- 10 min practical video to the Academy’s email id for business Consultancy and Branding.
  • Materials provided includes: Videos, notes, zoom live sessions and certificate.

Target Audience

  • General


3 Lessons

Effortless Writing Part 1-3

Lesson 1-329:01
Lesson 1-3 Quiz

Effortless Writing Part 4-6

Effortless Writing Part 7-8

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I like to because you taught me good ways of writing and editing and how to do my own content creator
thank you so much for the video

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