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Are you still struggling on how to boost your business through WhatsApp?. This course comprises on how to build a robot, message delivery and different functions.

This is a compiled course for business professionals and marketing.

We have a special group for the practical and instructions from our awesome moderators…

Robotic WhatsApp Course is used for Connecting with people on WhatsApp will be as easy as never before!

This course will not just teach you the WhatsApp Impossible Hack but it will also show you how.

Some of the incredible things you will learning are:


Learning Objectives

How to send a Personalized Broadcast that will mention the name of every single individual that receives that message.
How I sent personalized broadcast messages to more than 1000 contacts of mine.
How to personalize your Auto-Reply Messages that it will mention the name of the contact that it is replying to.
How to save over 1000 contact with just a click using your phone with their actual names not some kind of codes.


  • Students are required to go through the videos, notes, attempt the final assessment in order to proof their 80% proficiency for certification.
  • Students are also required to submit a 5- 10 min practical video to the Academy’s email id for business Consultancy and Branding.
  • Materials provided includes: Videos, notes, zoom live sessions and certificate.
  • Audience Level: General


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