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Introduction To Culinary Art

1 Lesson
2 minutes

This course is basically an introductory explanation to Culinary Art …

What you'll learn
Participants will get the benefits to understand what Culinary Art Skills involves, Management and Careers.

Yogurt muffins

All Levels

Muffins are awesome snacks, enjoyed by every Individual. Join us …


Fahambyte Small Chops intermediate (Fillings/wrapping/Folding)

14 Lessons

Small chops are one of the amazing side dishes served …


Yummy milky chinchin course

4 Lessons
1 hour

This course explains the fundamental ingredients used in preparation of …


Yogurt-raisin muffins free course

2 Lessons

Bread Making Course (Step by Step Tutorial)

8 Lessons
All Levels

Introduction to bread making course is a game changer for …

What you'll learn
In this course, you will learn the basic skills for bread business, shapes, ingredients and packaging.

Cake Baking Class for Beginners

6 Lessons

Introduction to cake baking course is for beginners, who want …

What you'll learn
At the end of this course, students are expected to have gained basic working knowledge to bake professional looking cake for an event

Cinnamon Rolls Course (Achieve perfect crust and yummy flavors like a pro)

3 Lessons
All Levels

This course is exquisite for cinnamon rolls lovers and pastry …

What you'll learn
It summarizes the best way to achieve the perfect crust and yummy flavors.